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Performance   •   Quality   •   Value


Technology isn’t supposed get in the way of your performance. That’s why we created Anthem Five - a company that delivers balanced, high performance custom in-ear monitors built with uttermost quality, at a price affordable to all.

Neuron CIEM


Maintain acoustical integrity throughout the full spectrum

Fatigue Free

Pressure control ensures ear drum comfort and health

Custom Fit

Monitors are built precisely to the shape of your ear


A high quality product at a price which can't be beat


By driving innovation, we provide you with better quality CIEM's for your performance. In-ears that don't get in the way. 

No Ear Tips

No ear tips to keep track of, clean, match, or loose

No Fatigue

Pressure control ensures ear drum comfort and health

No Allergic Reaction

Common resin materials could induce allergic reactions

No Vanishing Lows

Low frequencies can disappear in universal fit monitors

Set The Stage Your Way

Three colorful CIEMs

Designed for your Performance

Let nothing stand in the way of your performance. No squealing feedback, less stage noise, more of your music, more immersion into your acoustical masterpiece.

Personalized Look

Your music deserves a custom look. Choose from hundreds of face/shell combinations to create an IEM the matches you. 

Reliable Every Time

Your performance shouldn't be waiting for your monitors. Our monitors are designed to last ages and to work every time you put them on.

No Hassle.
All Performance.

Don't worry about microphone feedback, stage monitor placement, or bleed from room. Our custom in-ear monitors place you where you shine: your performance.

CIEM bass guitar

What Users Are Saying 

Clear Crisp Sound



Crazy Affordable


Unbelievably Good

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Thank you @anthemfive for the custom fit in ear monitors!! 
You just made my live streams and future shows so much better ❤️

reviews aaronmrosario.png


I took the plunge and bought some E4’s from @anthemfive and I have absolutely LOVED them!! I had a pair of dual driver IEM’s but the jump to quads was unbelievable!! I would totally recommend Anthem and for the price you can’t beat them...

reviews chiaimjoshua.png


For those asking. I would suggest @anthemfive ears to anyone. Definitely saving my hearing and delivering clear crisp sound. Never realized how muddy things were until I got these and the difference is nuts.

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