Who We Are?


Anthem Five was founded in Portland, OR by a few very close friends. We started out as a group of church audio engineers. We’ve always strived to achieve perfection and get the most out of our gear. This was challenging when working on a budget. This resulted in us trying to find the best possible solution for the budget that we were working with. Once we’ve upgraded our church to in-ear monitors, we quickly realized that the universal iems lacked in sound and technology. On the other hand, custom in-ear monitors were fairly expensive, and the cheap ones lacked important technology. Having multiple years of experience in the audio industry, we decided to bring custom in-ear monitors with the best world class technologies and still maintain a budget price point.


Fast forward to today, we are leading the custom in-ear monitors industry in the balance of technology and price. We are constantly improving our products and manufacturing to bring you the best experience we can!

How do we stand out?


Sound signature is everything! Many manufacturers use drivers that come with a standard pre built crossover that locks in the sound signature. We choose our drivers carefully and design our own crossovers, tweaking them over multiple variations of tuning before we set on a final sound signature.


We care about the safety of your ears! Most manufacturers don’t provide a pressure relief system… not without skyrocketing the price. We designed our PMV technology and integrated into all of our models. PMV helps mitigate pneumatic pressure on the eardrum which can cause listener fatigue.

Unlike traditional methods of manufacturing ciems with molds, we use 3D printing technology to print our shells. This ensures you get the perfect fit and seal when using your in-ear monitors. We also keep your impression scans on file, so you won’t need new impressions the next time you order from us!