What are ear impressions and how are they made?

An ear impression is a "copy" of the inside shape of your ear. An impression is made by placing a special puddy inside the ear and in a few minutes the puddy is solidifed. Once solidifed, it is removed from the ear and ta-da, that's your ear impression!

Where do I get my ear impressions and what's the cost?

Your local Audiologist can get your ear impressions usually for under $100.

How do I maintain my monitors?

Our in-ear monitors don't require much maintanance other than periodically brushing out any accumulated ear wax from the nozel.

Where do I send my ear impressions to?

Anthem Five Inc 2442 SW Tegart Ave 97080 Gresham, OR

Do you ship internationally?


Do you accept electronic impression scans?

Yes we do! You can email them to us: